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President Song Chunpeng attends the Symposium of young teachers of National Key Laboratory

President Song Chunpeng attends the Symposium of young teachers of National Key Laboratory

In order to build a positive, lively, United and enterprising National Key Laboratory innovation culture, gather the scientific research consensus of the laboratory, cultivate the scientific research innovation spirit of "down-to-earth, looking up to the stars", practice the discipline culture of "endless learning, endless life", care, encourage and support the growth of young scientific research talents. The National Key Laboratory of our university plans to invite a group of scientists and young laboratory teachers who have made outstanding contributions to the construction of key laboratories, discipline development, scientific research, personnel training and other fields inside and outside the university to communicate in the form of symposiums, to guide the way for the growth of young teachers, to make clear the direction of development, and to involve academic development, subject management, life planning and other aspects Face to face, the communication plan is planned to be once every two weeks. Song Chunpeng, leader of biology discipline, director of national key laboratory and principal of our school, as the first invited scientist, held an exchange and discussion with young teachers of the laboratory.

From 18:00 p.m. to 20:00 p.m. on April 9, a symposium for young teachers of the key laboratory was held in the conference room on the third floor of the State Key Laboratory of cotton biology. President Song Chunpeng, Yangtze River scholar, Wang Xuelu of national outstanding youth, National Key Laboratory of cotton biology of Henan University, and young teachers of National Key Laboratory of crop adaptation and improvement jointly established by the Ministry and the Ministry attended the meeting, which was presided over by an Guoyong, executive deputy director of the laboratory.

Song Chunpeng affirmed the teachers who had been fighting at the front line of the laboratory during the epidemic, and required the laboratory to strictly follow the requirements of the Party Central Committee and the school on epidemic prevention and control, respond to the prevention and control of new coronavirus with the new normal strategic thinking, and actively and effectively promote the orderly development of laboratory teaching and scientific research.

Song Chunpeng, with the title of "being a qualified university teacher", started from "the basic situation of the State Key Laboratory of Henan University", "the basis of discipline development", "cultivation of innovation, cooperation and team spirit", combined with his own academic development process, vision of scientific research, further efforts and goals, and made contributions to China's agricultural production and regional development of Henan Province The original intention of the presentation was to guide and share for the young teachers in the laboratory for nearly two hours.

Song Chunpeng reviewed the development history of biology and laboratory in Henan University, and the hardships and efforts in the early stage of development. In 1987, Henan University rebuilt the biology discipline, starting from scratch. After more than 30 years of hard work and leapfrog development, it is not easy to build it into a first-class discipline with two national key laboratories. Everyone's hard work is worth remembering. He described the current development of biology discipline with "lush Mulberry Shoots on the road". He thought that biology discipline of Henan University has a certain foundation, a platform and ability to participate in the fierce competition in related research fields at home and abroad, but it still needs the efforts of young teachers to become a deep-rooted and flourishing tree.

Song Chunpeng combined with his own research examples, introduced the research work of long-term sustainability, day and night, and perseverance starting from the small stomata on the surface of plant leaves, closely focusing on the theme of the impact of drought on agricultural production since the 1990s. In our work, we have established a distinctive technical system, created the active oxygen pathway of plant stomatal cell closure, produced the original theoretical innovation, had a wide influence in the related research fields at home and abroad, and laid the research foundation for the biology discipline of Henan University.

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