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Hu Zhubing research group recruits postdoctoral teachers / Young Teachers​

Hu Zhubing research group recruits postdoctoral teachers / Young Teachers

Recruitment position: teacher type postdoctoral / young teacher

Brief introduction of the person in charge of the research group:

Hu Zhubing is a third level distinguished professor of "special support program for outstanding talents" of Henan University. In 2010, he received his doctorate from Beijing Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences. From April 2010 to September 2016, he worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Helsinki and VIB plant research center of Ghent University in Belgium. In recent years, more than 40 papers have been published in plant cell, plant physiology, annual review of plant biology and other internationally renowned journals.

Main research fields: molecular mechanism of plant response to temperature stress, response and repair of plant cell damage.

Application conditions:

(1) Have a doctor's degree, love scientific research, and understand the latest trends of scientific research;

(2) Good character, simple and diligent, rigorous scholarship, strong sense of teamwork, willing to work in the front line of scientific research for a long time;

(3) Strong English writing and expression ability;

(4) Generally, the age should be less than 35 years old. The age of those who have obtained doctoral degree abroad and postdoctoral outbound personnel at home and abroad can be appropriately relaxed.


(1) Enjoy the salary treatment of associate professor, and the comprehensive annual income shall not be less than 220000 yuan per year. Enjoy performance bonus at the end of the year;

(2) The university provides 100000 yuan for the start-up of scientific research for teachers and postdoctors. In addition, all kinds of postdoctoral funds can be applied for;

(3) Those with special excellent conditions and those with excellent academic development potential will be provided with competitive salary.

Contact: State Key Laboratory of crop adaptation and improvement, Henan University

contact information

Please send the application materials to e-mail, resume including personal information, job title, achievements, etc. Please indicate the title of the email as "XXX applies for post doctorate teachers of Hu Zhubing research group" or "XXX applies for young teachers of Hu Zhubing research group".

The recruitment information is valid for a long time and there is no quota. Welcome young scholars with enthusiasm to join us.

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