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National Key Laboratory of cotton Biology (Henan University) / National Key Laboratory of crop adaptation and improvement jointly established by the Ministry of Agriculture

National Key Laboratory of cotton Biology (Henan University) / National Key Laboratory of crop adaptation and improvement jointly established by the Ministry of Agriculture

Announcement on enrollment adjustment of academic postgraduate in 2020

1、 Introduction to Henan University

Henan University was founded in 1912, formerly known as the preparatory school for Henan to study in Europe and the United States. It was one of the three major overseas training bases in China at that time. In October 2008, the people's Government of Henan Province and the Ministry of education signed a joint construction agreement, and Henan university entered the ranks of provincial and ministry joint construction universities. In September 2016, the University was approved as the national "subject innovation and intelligence introduction base of colleges and universities (111 plan)". In September 2017, the university entered the ranks of "double first-class" construction universities.

Henan University is a multi campus university with a total area of 2 million 200 thousand square meters and a construction area of 1 million 470 thousand square meters. Among them, Minglun campus and Jinming campus are located in the famous historical and cultural city, Kaifeng, the ancient capital of the eight dynasties, Longzihu campus is located in Zhengzhou, the capital of the province, Shenzhen Research Institute of Henan University is located in Shenzhen, which is an international cooperation base focusing on scientific research and integrating talent training, scientific research, education and industry. ( )

2、 Laboratory introduction

With world-class construction disciplines and three national platforms

The laboratory has the world-class construction discipline of biology, 2 national key laboratories (National Key Laboratory of cotton Biology (Henan University), National Key Laboratory of crop adaptation and improvement jointly built by the Ministry and the province) and 1 national innovation and intelligence introduction base (111 plan).

High level international teaching staff

The laboratory has more than 10 national leading talents such as Yangtze River scholars, national outstanding youth, chief scientist of 973 project, and more than 100 fixed scientific research personnel, of which more than 80% are young scientific research backbones. Most of the researchers have overseas learning and research experience.

It has achieved world-class research results

The laboratory has presided over 94 national scientific research projects, including 973 projects, major national R & D projects, key projects of NSFC, and 21 provincial and ministerial projects and horizontal projects, with a total funding of more than 200 million yuan. More than 230 SCI papers have been published in cell, nature communications, nature plants, PNAs, the plant cell and other internationally renowned journals. Eight papers have entered the top 1% of the cited papers in the field of ESI plant and animal science, and many research results have been written into textbooks. The research achievement of the laboratory "stomatal regulation mechanism of plant response to drought stress" won the second prize of National Natural Science.

3、 Receive major disciplines

Botany (071001), genetics (071007), developmental biology (071008), cell biology (071009), biochemistry and Molecular Biology (071010), Biophysics (071011), crop genetics and breeding (090102), etc.

4、 Major grants and awards during study

1. Transfer students enjoy the same treatment as the first volunteer candidates.

2. Academic scholarships (once per academic year): first class scholarships are 12000 yuan, with a coverage of 30%; second class scholarships are 8000 yuan, with a coverage of 40%; the rest are third class scholarships of 4000 yuan (the difference between the tuition fees of the laboratory is made up).

3. The national scholarship is 20000 yuan (once per academic year), with a coverage rate of 2%; the national scholarship is 6000 yuan / Postgraduate / academic year, with a coverage rate of 100%.

4. The scholarship of Henan University is 1000 yuan / student · academic year, with a coverage of 10%; the scholarship of Hou Jingru is 3000 yuan / student · academic year, with a coverage of 5%; as well as the excellent academic papers of Henan University (selected once every academic year), with a first-class of 2000 yuan, a second-class of 1000 yuan, and a third-class of 500 yuan.

5. The laboratory will regularly issue the assistantships of 3000-5000 yuan / academic year.

6. The tutor will give the assistantship service subsidy of 6000-12000 yuan / student / academic year according to the scientific research situation.

7. Overseas Exchange: relying on the "innovation and intelligence introduction base of crop adversity biology universities (111 plan)", we have established friendly cooperative relations with 30 universities and scientific research institutions in 11 countries and regions, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore and Japan. Every year, 10-20% of graduate students are selected to carry out scientific research cooperation and attend academic conferences abroad.

8. Further study: excellent graduate students in the second year can directly apply for "master's degree" or preferentially recommend to the national (frontier) cooperation laboratory or research group to study for doctor's degree. Excellent postgraduates studying for doctorates abroad can apply for laboratory funding, and the funding standard shall refer to the national scholarship committee.

5、 Principle of coordination

1. In line with all requirements of "adjustment" in the regulations of the Ministry of education on the administration of national postgraduate enrollment in 2020.

2. The scores of the candidates in the unified examination course meet the national 2020 a-area preliminary examination qualified score line and meet the basic requirements of Henan University to receive and adjust candidates.

3. Undergraduate majors are excellent candidates of biology related majors, and candidates of "double first-class" construction colleges and universities, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and "double first-class" construction colleges and universities are preferred.

4. The major to be transferred in is the same as or similar to that of a volunteer application major, the subject of unified examination is the same, and the business course is the same or similar.

6、 Adjustment procedure

1. Open the home page of Key Laboratory( and ), click the webpage to scroll the information "laboratory enrollment adjustment of academic postgraduate in 2020", download the "information summary of adjustment candidates in 2020", and send it to 。

2. Candidates applying for adjustment of our university must log in the "national postgraduate enrollment adjustment service system" ”"Reallocation system" on, i.e. report as required in reallocation system

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