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Cotton biology / National Key Laboratory of crop adaptation and improvement jointly established by the Ministry and the province

Cotton biology / National Key Laboratory of crop adaptation and improvement jointly established by the Ministry and the province

According to the work plan for postgraduate retest and admission in 2020 of Henan University, combined with the practice of postgraduate recruitment in the State Key Laboratory of cotton biology and the State Key Laboratory of crop adaptation and improvement (hereinafter referred to as the laboratory) jointly built by the Ministry and the Ministry, this plan is formulated.

1、 Retest mode

All the retests are online retests, using the school's unified software platform welink video conference platform. After receiving the SMS from welink account, the candidates can click the SMS link to download the software and log in directly. See Annex 1 for specific operation methods.

2、 Retest time

Retest time: the first batch of volunteers will have a retest. Retest time: 08:30-18:30, May 11, 2020. Reschedule candidates for retest time to be notified.

3、 Notice method and list of retest

1. Network notice: announce the list of candidates participating in the retest on the laboratory website, and no longer send the retest notice.

2. Telephone notice: the laboratory shall inform the candidates in advance to participate in the retest. Inform the candidates of the online retest software platform, and confirm whether the candidates' network and equipment meet the retest conditions one by one.

3. See Annex 2 for the list of retests.

4、 Organizational management

1. The leading group of graduate student enrollment in the laboratory is fully responsible for the organization and implementation of enrollment, retest and enrollment.

2. The "examinee qualification verification team" is specifically responsible for the re examination of candidates' qualification.

3. "Discipline professional retest group" is responsible for determining the specific content, scoring standards, procedures of candidates' retest and ensuring the smooth online retest of the group.

4. The "online retest service team" is specifically responsible for the use, maintenance and training of online retest software, as well as the logistics support of online retest.

5、 Retest score line (retest score line of each specialty in the laboratory)

Discipline type

Major name

Major code

Public course score

Professional course score

Total score




Politics ≥ 40

English ≥ 40

Major 1 ≥ 70

Major 2 ≥ 70




Developmental biology


Cell biology


Biochemistry and molecular biology




Crop genetics and breeding

Crop molecular genetics


Politics ≥ 33

English ≥ 33


Crop genetic engineering and Germplasm Innovation

Note: all candidates who meet the above professional retest score line will enter the retest.

6、 Qualification examination

May 10, 08:30-17:30. Candidates log in to the welink video conference platform, confirm the network, equipment, environment and other retest conditions, and sign the "letter of commitment for integrity test" (see Annex 3). For the online registration of candidates for the second round examination, the following qualification examination materials must be sent to the email in electronic compressed package: , the file name format is: level 2020 + major + name + candidate number.

1. The new undergraduate must submit electronic materials: examination permit, ID card, student ID card, and "letter of commitment for integrity examination" with electronic signature.

2. Non current undergraduate students shall submit electronic materials: examination permit, ID card, graduation certificate and degree card, and "letter of commitment for integrity examination" with electronic signature.

7、 The content, form and composition of the second round examination

According to the notice of the general office of the Ministry of education on further standardizing and strengthening the enrollment work of postgraduate examination (Teaching Department [2019] No. 2) and other relevant documents, the whole process of the retest work of postgraduate will be recorded and videotaped. The content of the retest mainly includes foreign language test, professional knowledge interview and academic degree retest.

1. Foreign language test

The foreign language proficiency test includes oral expression and basic professional vocabulary mastery, with the weight of 10% of the second round exam results.

2. Professional examination for academic degree retest

The subject of the professional examination for the second round of academic degree is plant physiology (edited by Pan Ruichi, higher education press, 5th Edition). The subjects are randomly selected questions and randomly answered, accounting for 30% of the second round results.

The additional subjects for candidates with the same academic ability are: cell biology, edited by Zhai Zhonghe (the 4th edition of Higher Education Press) and genetics, edited by Liu zudong (the 2nd edition of Higher Education Press), randomly selected questions and answered. The test is a qualification test and is not included in the total score.

3. Professional knowledge interview

The content mainly includes the comprehensive ability of professional knowledge, basic experimental skills, project planning, the latest research progress in the field of application, etc., which is conducted by the way of random questions of the members of the retest group, accounting for 60% of the retest results.

4. Composition of achievements

The total score of examinees includes the first test score and the second test score, which are added by weight to get the total score. The results of retest accounted for 50% of the total score weight. As long as one of the subjects in the retest is unqualified, it will not be accepted.

Total score calculation formula:

Total score = (total score of preliminary test ÷ 5) × 50% + (score of foreign language test × 10% + score of re examination professional test × 30% + score of professional knowledge interview × 60%) × 50%.

8、 Admission

1. The leading group of graduate student enrollment in the laboratory shall put forward suggestions for the candidates who pass the retest according to the enrollment plan, and submit them to the office of the leading group of graduate student enrollment in the University for approval.

2. Send personnel files, personal performance and other materials to the unit where the candidates are to be admitted, and comprehensively review their ideological and political performance. Those who fail in the ideological and moral assessment will not be admitted.

3. According to the record of the national education examination examinee's integrity file, our school carefully checks the situation that examinees are punished for cheating in the examination filled in when they apply for the examination, and takes the examinee's integrity as an important content and record of the ideological and moral assessment

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